Let’s capture moments and feelings that will bring back all those emotions, atmosphere and the feeling of being loved!



Erin is a Fine Art Wedding Photographer with a passion for capturing beautiful stories in a thoughtful and artistic way. Channeling years of experience in weddings and editorials, she draws her inspiration from nature, color, texture, and of course, you – by your stories and personality.



in short...

Erin is best known for her light and airy images, along with eye catching details.  Her goal is to capture the joyful essence of her couples in an unposed and organic way; along with an editorial feel of composed images  in the best light possible. It’s the focus on the littlest details to the unexpected moments that help her create an artistic and thoughtful narrative.



I am  a fanatic of emotion and light in my images. I believe each image should display a sense of feeling provoked on a deeper level.