Art is expression of feelings, moments and our own perception of life!
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Erin Milnik is a Northern California photographer with an artful approach to weddings and lifestyle portraiture. Her images stand out for their light and airy feel; specializing in weddings for couples who yearn for that fine art aesthetic. She loves the timeless feel that natural light achieves and the way it produces depth and soft color tones. With a passion for story telling, attention to details, and a keen eye for composition; she captures beautiful moments in a simplistic, intimate and joyful way. Named best photographer Ultimate Weddings Magazine, it has been with great joy to have her work featured in some of the industry's top wedding publications.



Dan & Kayla
“We were lucky enough to have Erin Milnik as our wedding photographer and we can’t say enough wonderful things about her! She has a natural talent that creates beautiful memories. Every moment of the ceremony and reception was captured crystal clear and you could feel all the love and happiness of the day just radiating from the pictures! She made it so easy for us to just be…us! From the tears to the roaring laughter, our day could not have been captured better. I feel like I am reliving the best day over and over again each time I look through them. My husband and I will treasure these photos forever.
Nathaniel & Vanessa
Erin was gracious enough to photograph our destination wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado. Her use of natural light made our images timeless, one of a kind, and absolutely breathtaking! We are so thankful we found Erin!